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December 19, 2005
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Now colored lights throw vibrant sprites
In arcs around the trees
The burning wicks of candlesticks
Bow low before the breeze
The powdered snow and mistletoe
Contribute to the cheer:
And young and old don’t mind the cold
For Christmas-time is near.

Now stockings grace the fireplace
And children wait with glee
For soon, they know, the space below
Their decorated tree
Will fill with stuff – oh, soon enough
Their presents will appear –
For by the laws of Santa Claus,
Their Christmas-time is near.

Now eggnog flows, and winter blows
Its fury o’er the hills
We warm our hands and dream of lands
Outside the windowsills.
The sound of bells approaching tells
The news in voices clear:
November’s done – the cold’s begun –
And Christmas-time is near.

The children sleep. Outside, the deep
And windswept banks of snow
Accumulate beside the gate.
The frozen rivers flow.
I hold you tight. The candlelight
Is in your eyes, my dear –
And you and I, we softly sigh
For Christmas-time is here!
Poetry entry for the Merry Litmas 2005 DA contest. (Took 3rd place.)

(Update: a big thanks to coshdaddy for featuring this poem as a Daily Deviation!)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-12-28
The wonderful imagery and tight, well-executed metre is what put Christmas-time by ~bbd127 into the rankings (3rd place) of the Merry Litmas contest. Take a tumble through this cheerful chronicle of Christmas spirit. ( Featured by coshdaddy )
anotherphilip Dec 16, 2008  Student General Artist
This is no doubt a wonderful poem! It's very inspirational.
[link] [link]
Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you like my designs!

AngelFire8376 Nov 27, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Very well writen.. Good Job.. Fav..
Absolutely amazing rhythm!!! wow! and you've never sacrificed the story to fit the meter! this has honestly got me excited for Christmas already. Great, great poem.
nice flow and rhyme.;
This is awe inspiring. Just simply magnificient.

I was a little pissed for being passed up during Litmas, but I feel just fine, now, because you won, instead of I....and you deserved the fuck out of it. :+fav:
Terinda Jan 1, 2006
I just checked Litmas winners a few moments ago and I'd consider this one as winning poem, its really lovely. Cheers and Happy new year!
My god this is a great work of poetry. I have to tell you it is beyond a winner here. This is something I could imagine being told by christmas goers for years to come. Thank you very much for sharing your talent.
I'm glad you think so, thank you.
reminds me of why i used to love christmas.
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