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Ink Triforce (Color) by bbd127 Ink Triforce (Color) :iconbbd127:bbd127 0 1
Do You Remember Flying
Do you remember running like the air
Through rushing branches, scrambling toward the sea
Pursuing hidden cities, and aware
That magic creatures watched invisibly?
Do you remember searching in the sand
For hermit crabs, and shattered crumbs of stone
Beyond the realm of chores and reprimand
By secret dunes you journeyed to alone
Or singing, when the starlight washed your hair,
Invented words to a familiar tune
And hearing echoes from a dragon's lair
And hurling thoughtless pebbles at the moon?
Do you remember flying, wondering why
Adults who saw you, didn't want to try?
:iconbbd127:bbd127 3 0
The Meteor Paradox
Suppose there is a distant planet inhabited only by three people. Each of these three people is perfectly rational. Each lives in a separate room, totally unconnected to the other two. They cannot communicate with each other. However, each knows that the other two live on the same planet, and each knows that the other two are also perfectly rational.
One day all three people learn that a huge meteor is coming toward their planet. If it hits, it will destroy all life on the planet, including them. All three people want very much to preserve both their own lives and the lives of the other two.
The planet has a missile defense system designed to destroy incoming meteors. All that must happen for the planet to be saved is that at least two of the three inhabitants must input their access codes to fire the missile. However, no one has any way to tell whether anyone else has input their code. Also, the codes are very long, and entering them into the computer is a tedious, time-consuming proc
:iconbbd127:bbd127 2 70
Of a knight
Sits unmoving under burnished steel;
His sword, or someone's, extends vertically
From a nearby shadow, pitted brick-red,
Similarly lifeless.
There are others -
Just as, on first sighting two leaves in the forest
So too are there "others."
But the leaves, early fallen
From a blood-red autumn,
Are scarcely discernible through the surge of crows
Ebbing and roiling, black on black on black
In the lengthening twilight.
The vision dims halfway to reality.
The prophet is yet new;
Her eyes, still white with shock,
Have not yet faded into numbness
From a hundred such visions.
Presently she looks forward,
Sees again the eager boy - the soldier,
Registers his repeated question:
"Will we have victory today?"
- Victory. She does not immediately know this word,
This "victory."
Which portion of the massacre
Corresponds to his query?
- But eventually, dutifully,
She picks out the banner
That has not yet been trampled by horse hooves
And compares with the boy's insignia
To see if
:iconbbd127:bbd127 0 3
Descending Vectors
The stars are falling - his first thought, upon
The sight of snow, before today unseen;
Descending vectors, fractal-point are drawn
Across the vision-scope of the machine.
The robot's palm extends; his pixeled eyes
Record, by frames, what metal cannot feel
And neural nets unbidden analyze
The sight of frozen water over steel.
Behind him stands the conference hall, whose door
Projects inviting warmth on salted stairs -
And here, in laughing groups of two and four
(And wrapped in coats of other mammals' hairs)
The first distinguished scientists arrive
To argue over whether he's alive.
:iconbbd127:bbd127 0 2
Too young to fear, though not yet brave
We chanced the arbitrary wave
And scorned alike both home and shore
Disdaining legend's wiser lore -
That beast of idle sailors' talk:
The flashing night cascaded grim
On heaven's flowering diadem;
We watched the sea uncoiling whip
Resurgent bellows past our ship.
Whose visage caused our craft to rock?
Omniscient eye! Serrated claw
And barnacle-encrusted maw!
Unnumbered arms - a panoply
Of suckered limbs beneath the sea
And thickened plates that interlock -
Behold our doom: the waters spoke;
Our hull they splintered at a stroke
And timbers swept like blades of grass
Pursuing that colossal mass
Whose wake released its aftershock:
Now I alone survive to tell
Of how my crew and captain fell;
I heed at last the banshee's wail;
And if someday you brave the sail,
Remember, ere you leave the dock -
:iconbbd127:bbd127 0 2
Guide to Fantasy Creatures
A Field Guide to Fantasy Creatures
Banshee - A woman, dressed in white, who makes appearances to sing or recite poetry the night before a loved one is to die. Until very recently (when new legislation was introduced to protect consumers) life insurance companies frequently cancelled policies upon reports of banshee sightings. Great care must be taken to distinguish between banshee singing and banshee yodeling, as the latter merely indicates that you will, at some point tonight, accidentally ram your shin into the coffee table.
Basilisk - The origin of the phrase "If looks could kill." The basilisk is a small lizard-like creature hatched from the egg of a serpent. It secretes a venom so toxic that not even Keith Richards can survive it, and even its gaze is instantly deadly. Consequently many modern, peace-loving basilisks are forced to wear blindfolds in order to have any interactions with normal society; even so they have difficulty securing Prom dates, and are fr
:iconbbd127:bbd127 33 14
The Bard to His Love At Length
The Bard to His Love, at Length
It is a tale as old as history itself: two young lovers, one mortal, one immortal, drawn together by the strands of Fate. But ah, amorous youth! - the journey is not an easy one. Let us gaze upon one such scene, even now in progress, and witness the tragic tragedy of a romance that was never meant to be...
O splendid Queen, to mine own heart so dear
Whose eyes, twin suns, twin lanterns, gleam sublime
Thy subjects dot the vast celestial sphere
Thy praises, ranks of cherubs constant chime
Thy face, like Helen, launched a thousand hearts
Though Helen never spoke as fair as thee,
Whose dulcet voice in graceful notes imparts
Thy wisdom, keen as Hell's severest darts!
Were thou but mute, I might still be asleep!
Pray write some tale of unrequited love
And take it somewhere far away, and weep
Where bards perhaps are thought more highly of.
Mere time, 'tis said, the broken heart repairs
And might I add, that silence wouldn't
:iconbbd127:bbd127 1 5
Christmas Four Ways
The first: Yule season starts near Halloween
And bloated, swells to pester New Year's Eve
(Thanksgiving sandwiched somewhere in between).
Behold our jolly prophet: we believe
'Tis profit both to give and to receive!
The second: O how fallen, wise men's star
That lighting Rome, set all the world ablaze;
Have we of God's anointed sunk so far
That we must sing our plastic Savior's praise
Beneath His halo's blinking neon rays?
The third: exchanging Sunday's itchy dress
For blue jeans and a T-shirt by the flames
We gaze through glass on frosted wilderness
And whistling bits of Rudolph's reindeer games
Swap scraps inscribed with Secret Santa names.
The fourth: beneath twin white fluorescent bars
He checks bacterial cultures - still alive -
And scoops three samples up to go in jars.
He notes the date new samples will arrive
And idly scrawls December 25.
:iconbbd127:bbd127 1 6
Lights in the Fog
I live. The sea is calm; the sky is gray.
The stars and moon by night, the sun by day.
I understand some parts of what I see -
What madness drives the world to be this way?
It piqued my wonder - I, the musing cat
Saw lights within the mist from where I sat
What question haunts the placid symmetry?
Accursed fog! I know not even that!
Will ignorance and wonder never cease?
I pace the halls by night for want of peace.
By day, the mind distracted, never free;
Almost - almost! - I hunger for release.
I beat against the curtains like a fool
Whose master is both generous and cruel
Meanwhile, and unconcerned by such as me
The rain falls swift and softly in the pool.
:iconbbd127:bbd127 1 0
You catch her glance across the dance
Her lashes fall; she looks away.
You say hello, then watch her go
For lack of something else to say.
A pleasant pain you can't explain
A slow affliction of the brain
In fits and starts, uncertain hearts
Find new and different games to play.
She whispers "yes" and buys a dress
The evening passes in a blur
A sudden kiss, and happiness
Is redefined in terms of her
She laughs and flirts your life inverts
You fast forget your former hurts
The time is spring, and anything
You care to conjure may occur.
Then summer comes, and brightly hums
A dizzy and electric beat
You seize her hand on summer sand
And sweep her off her dancing feet
The fleeting days are full of ways
To revel in the glowing rays
The amber air that whips her hair
Reflects and shimmers with the heat.
Your passion wakes, and then she takes
Another hour you gladly grant
It silent sleeps, and darkness creeps
To say what conversation can't
A couple learns, by growing turns
To kindle p
:iconbbd127:bbd127 0 4
Summer Night
The dusk yet new across the blue
      The blushing sun is sinking late
Beneath the breeze of amber trees
      That settle under summer's weight
The cloudless beams rain down in streams
      And spread their light on silken dreams
And there she stands, her folded hands
      Beneath her smile beside the gate.
My fingers close on hers, and those
      Bright lips are parted as we meet
The forest sails on dusty trails
      Away in plumes beneath our feet
The land runs wide, and at my side
      The woods' enchanted glowing bride
Our moon cascades on sylvan glades
      And sets the air to stirring sweet.
The night lies bare upon her hair
      And whispered kisses draw me in
Until the last is firmly past
:iconbbd127:bbd127 2 3
Santa e-mail
Subject:  Re: last-minute questions
Attachment(s): routemap.jpg (75 KB)
11/23/05    09:33 AM
">" indicates quoted text.
--------------begin message------------------
Let's get this over with.
>hi boss,
>just have a few questions
(that should have been dealt with two weeks ago)
>about some last-minute stuff. first, are the nose-light
>batteries AA or AAA? i can never remember and rudolph is telling
>me D which I know is wrong
They're AA. Keep two battery packs and three backup bulbs in the sleigh, he goes through 'em like you wouldn't believe.
>second, demand for Santa stand-ins at malls has quadrupled in the
>past three days, and we're having some trouble filling the
>demand. do you want me to dip into the snowy-day fund
>or should I just nab some of the salvation army santas as "volunteers"?
Call Tim Allen for me and remind him he owes me a favor in a big way after what Santa Clause 2 did t
:iconbbd127:bbd127 5 9
Now colored lights throw vibrant sprites
In arcs around the trees
The burning wicks of candlesticks
Bow low before the breeze
The powdered snow and mistletoe
Contribute to the cheer:
And young and old don't mind the cold
For Christmas-time is near.
Now stockings grace the fireplace
And children wait with glee
For soon, they know, the space below
Their decorated tree
Will fill with stuff oh, soon enough
Their presents will appear
For by the laws of Santa Claus,
Their Christmas-time is near.
Now eggnog flows, and winter blows
Its fury o'er the hills
We warm our hands and dream of lands
Outside the windowsills.
The sound of bells approaching tells
The news in voices clear:
November's done the cold's begun
And Christmas-time is near.
The children sleep. Outside, the deep
And windswept banks of snow
Accumulate beside the gate.
The frozen rivers flow.
I hold you tight. The candlelight
Is in your eyes, my dear
And you and I, we softly sigh
For Christmas-time is here!
:iconbbd127:bbd127 35 42
The countdown closes quick upon the point
When hydrogen and steel will push as one
And will with flame tumultuously anoint
That beast which looks with envy on the sun.
A light! Two hundred decibels explode
The crowd exhales a thousand boiling winds
Surround the glowing column and its load:
The shuddering leviathan ascends.
And up and up the azure curtain parts
The well of black, ablaze with powdered snow
Reverberates through fresh-elated hearts
The panoramic arc unfolds below;
And passing into silence with a sigh
The falcon skirts the surface of the sky.
:iconbbd127:bbd127 2 9
with a spark
a single focused shining point of glorious chaotic unbounded potential
that skyrockets luminously, whirling and twirling
until, gradually, the long, slow, patient pull of Gravity
exerts its ponderous effect
as life and vision intersect
and to the heroes now it seems
That their fine nucleus of dreams
Suspended oddly in the air
Requires work to keep it there -
So (thoughtlessly at first) they play the game
And place their stellar burst within a frame
Which, for some slight expenses here and there
Will place convenient fences at the bare
Chaotic darkened borders of the net.
They try, between their orders, to forget -
But paying for the fee, some bits were trimmed
And imperceptibly the light is dimmed
And something, neither black nor filled with fire
Tugs innocently backward toward the mire
Until at last, one day the gleaming rise
Is seen the ancient way through youthful eyes -
With nothing new to say, the glimmer dies -
With nothing new to say, the glimmer dies -
:iconbbd127:bbd127 1 4

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